Insurance for Trekking on Holiday

Trekking is a good activity for holidays, allowing you to look around in detail and see places beyond the tourist zones. However, it is not without its risks, and something like going over on your ankle could end in disaster if you end up breaking your foot. This is exactly why travel insurance is so important. You could end up with an enormous bill if you don’t have travel insurance, and a hospital might refuse to treat you if they think you cannot pay.

Make sure you travel insurance will cover you for any trekking activities you want to undertake. This is especially relevant if you are trekking at height; many policies will only cover you below a certain altitude. You will quite probably need to take out travel insurance specifically for activities when abroad if you are going to be trekking over 5000 metres. It won’t cost too much much and it’s important your holiday insurance gives you the cover you need.