Going on a Walking Holiday

A walking holiday is a great idea for active families who enjoy getting out and about together. It’s the perfect way to see some more of the world whilst doing what you love in a new location. You will be able to find activities for all members of the family regardless of age, giving you plenty of flexibility to make the holiday fun for everyone. Here are some of the things you should think about:

  • Will you stay in the UK or travel abroad? The UK is full of excellent options for walking, with some beautiful locations throughout the country. Equally, if you decide to travel abroad there are so many wonderful places to visit. Think about setting a budget and seeing which locations are affordable.
  • What kind of accommodation will you choose? Holiday cottages can be the perfect cosy option for an outdoor holiday. Alternatively, choose a hotel that is in a convenient place and is geared up to walkers. This might give you more options for food as well.
  • Do you all have the right equipment? You may need things like walking boots, trekking poles and binoculars depending on the types of routes you want to take.
  • Do you need to find somewhere pet friendly? If you have dogs that you’d like to take on holiday with you, factor this into your search as not everywhere will accept pets.
  • Do you have plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained? This is important if you have young children who might get a little bit bored sitting in a pub every evening. Check what is available in the local area.

Think through all of these options to find the perfect walking holiday for you and your family. It’s the ideal way to get away, giving everyone a well-earned break.