Staying in a Skiing Cottage

There are numerous large complexes in skiing resorts but you can get a more private experience if you opt to stay in a skiing cottage. Some cottages include saunas, swimming pools and hot tubs, while a more modest, cosy cottage can be found at a more affordable price. Complexes are often a tad more on […]

Mountaineering Courses

The Alps attract many climbers throughout the turn of the year, but not every group is fully prepared for huge mountains that await them. This is where mountaineering courses can come in handy, because they essentially prepare you for your adventure, and ensure you posses the knowhow and the skills to see you to the […]

Skiing Holidays for Beginners

Many people are under the illusion that if you’re going on a skiing holiday, you need experience either snowboarding or skiing, but that simply is not the case. There are plenty of lessons for beginners, so they can enjoy the action just as much as the experienced skiers and snowboarders. It’s also important to know […]

Ski Holidays in Tignes

Tignes is a commune situated in the Tarentaise Valley, with the Rhône-Alpes region, which is in South Eastern France. It has five small villages which are scattered throughout the valley, with many of them offering accommodation for people interested in an Alpine holiday. Tignes has a well established ski resort which has been in use […]