Innsbruck and the Stubai Glacier in Austria

It’s no secret that Austria is one of the finest countries to visit if you’re looking for a bit of skiing and snowboarding. There are so many different locations to choose between, and Innsbruck is definitely one of the top destinations. It has a reputation as one of the winter sports capitals, and the city […]

Getting Kitted Out for your Skiing Trip

If you’re not an avid skier, then you may not have all of the necessary gear, but you can usually hire skiing equipment and clothes when you’re out there, but this obviously depends on the location. If you’re looking to make skiing trips a regular occasion, then you’re going to want to get all of […]

Visiting Valfréjus

Valfréjus is located in the Savoyard Alps at an altitude of 1,550m, not far from Italy, and it’s a very affordable skiing destination that many Brits visit. It’s popularity can be its biggest drawback in many ways, and that’s because the slopes are often packed in peak times and you’ll struggle to get private beginner […]

Staying in a Skiing Cottage

There are numerous large complexes in skiing resorts but you can get a more private experience if you opt to stay in a skiing cottage. Some cottages include saunas, swimming pools and hot tubs, while a more modest, cosy cottage can be found at a more affordable price. Complexes are often a tad more on […]

Mountaineering Courses

The Alps attract many climbers throughout the turn of the year, but not every group is fully prepared for huge mountains that await them. This is where mountaineering courses can come in handy, because they essentially prepare you for your adventure, and ensure you posses the knowhow and the skills to see you to the […]